Sunday, September 27, 2009

Carrie Prejean's Jesus Christ Pose

I have avoided blogging about Carrie Prejean. I had to mention Prejean's gag-inducing speech at the Values Voters summit. She talked about "strong" during her infamous Miss USA moment. Prejean also informs us how proud she is of herself for being against gay marriage. My favorite moment she when Prejean accused her critics of practicing intolerance against her. Wow.

Prejean is hysterical. I am thrilled the Christian Right and the Republican Party of Florida is using her as a spokesperson. Prejean actually believes she is a martyr. To paraphrase Bob Dylan, "Little girl lost, she takes herself so seriously. She brags of her misery, she likes to live dangerously."

Carrie Prejean: I am so proud of the stance that I took. I am so proud of the answer I gave and God chose me for that moment. He chose me for that moment, because he knew that, not only would, I be the one to stick up for him and for the truth. But also he knew that I am strong enough to get through all of the junk that I have been through.

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