Thursday, August 27, 2009

Suzanne Kosmas Interview

Rep. Suzanne Kosmas in interviewed by an editorial board of the Orlando Sentinel. Kosmas makes it clear she does not favor a public option. Kosmas brings up tort reform to reduce health insurance. Charlie Crist and other Republicans thought the Cat fund was going to lower property and hurricane insurance. State Farm responded by raising fees by 47.1.

Kosmas is asked if she supports an individual mandate. The mandate would require everyone to buy public or private health insurance. Kosmas latches on to Kent Conrad's co-op health care plan. The problem with co-ops do not have the bargaining leverage of Medicare. That could change if a significant number of Americans are in the program. Conrad explains the co-op compromise to health care blogger Ezra Klein. Kosmas fails to explain why she favors co-op.

Kosmas keeps talking about Medicare having waste and fraud. Medicare's administrative cost is lower the private health insurance industry.

Kosmas: "All Americans have a streak of libertarian in them."

Short answer: Kosmas won't have a public townhall meeting to face the Right. The insurance industry is Kosmas leading campaign contributors. A female editor hinted to Kosmas that her spiel on "waste and cost" was intellectually lacking.

Kosmas proudly brags about being a Democrat whom wanted to health care bill slowed down. She stresses the bill must be bipartisan. Kosmas is only voting for the public option if it's in her political interest.

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