Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Russian Czars Were Not Socialists

Peer Review is gone and the State of Sunshine is going on hiatus. This leaves me with few Florida conservative blogs to openly mock. Fortunately, I found The B2 Journal. Blogger BD Pisani goes on a rambling tirade about how the media is state controlled and how "35 political czars" are part of the Democrats socialist system. Nevermind, that communist Russia did not have czars. The Russian revolution removed the autocracy system. The Socialist removed the class system. True socialists were against the ruling class. The word czar means emperior.

Main Entry: czar
Variant(s): also tsar or tzar \ˈzär, ˈ(t)sär\
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin czar, from Russian tsar', from Old Russian tsĭsarĭ, from Gothic kaisar, from Greek or Latin; Greek, from Latin Caesar — more at caesar
Date: 1555
1 : emperor; specifically : the ruler of Russia until the 1917 revolution
2 : one having great power or authority (a banking czar)

The Soviet Union never had a czar. There were no more royal families. Nicholas II was the last Czar. His rein ended in 1917. He was executed in 1918 by Bolsheviks. Vladimir Lenin was the founder of the Bolshevik movement. The Bolsheviks eventually became Russia's Communist Party.

George W. Bush appointed several czars. I don't recall conservatives calling Bush a socialist.

Food Safety Czar - Dr. David W.K. Acheson

Cybersecurity Czar - Richard Clarke

Regulatory Czar - John D. Graham

AIDS Czar - Randall Tobias

Manufacturing Czar - Anthony F. Raimondo

Intelligence Czar - John Negroponte

Bird flu Czar - Stewart Simonson

George W. Bush certainly isn't a liberal or ever had any interest in providing health care for more Americans. Bush isn't a socialist just because he appointed czars. Neither is Obama. Czars in Russia were rulers before communism. Russian czars won't socialists. Tea baggers and conservative bloggers seem to take what Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh say as the gospel truth. The Right is learning about public policy from two recovering drug addicts. That is insane.

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