Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Maybe they don't come home. Maybe they go to North Korea and live with the consequences of their decision to go there. The point is you don't give a rogue state like North Korea the opportunity to rehabilitate it's image globally simply to get two reporters out of jail and give the former President, the current President and the Sec. of State of photo-op."

Dick Morris

Morris would rather see the Clintons do poorly than two imprisoned journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee come home. Mooris prefers a foreign policy that has achieved nothing during the Bush years over results. This is petty. Morris has thrown his credibility out the window. This pathetic man can not and will never get over being fired by the Clintons.

Morris is heartless enough to deny Ling and Lee a reunion with their families. Ling and Lee would have been sentenced to a labor camp, if not diplomatic introvention.

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