Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Poison of Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck jokes about poisoning Nancy Pelosi. Beck's Fox News show is getting increasingly bizarre. Word is Beck doesn't believe none of the nonsense he spiel on his radio or television program. Beck desperately wants attention and money. Beck is willing to irresponsibly rant vile madness to spike rantings.

Beck did a GQ photoshoot with Jill Greenberg. Beck attacked Greenberg for doing a photoshoot for making children cry.

"Isn't it just fantastic art? Nothing more beautiful than a child being terrorized."

Beck's so-called ethics goes out the door the moment GQ offers Beck a photoshoot with Greenberg. Beck jokes around with Greenberg and turns on the fake tears. The guy is a phony and his audience believes he is authenic. It is pathetic that the Right has this clown as their spokesman.

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