Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shocker of the Day: Iorio Hands Out An Endorsement

Dan Gelber posted a tweet that surprised me.

I am immensely proud that today Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio endorsed my AG campaign. She is a great public servant.

Iorio wouldn't endorse her friend Phyllis Busansky over the highly controversal Buddy Johnson.

"I'm not a very partisan person," said Iorio, who stayed far away from John Kerry in 2004 but did endorse Barack Obama in late May, once he had the nomination all but won. "If that's the rap on me, it's true because I believe that when you are elected to local office particularly, you represent everyone and you're supposed top be a problem solver."

Iorio was neutral on the 2004 presidential election. She governs a highly Democratic city. It wasn't like endorsing John Keery would cost her anything. Obama is the safest endorsement any Democrat in the last twenty years could make.

How the hell did Gelber get an squeeze an endorsement out of Iorio? This is the most mysterious thing since Season 2 of Lost - Jack decided the best way to rescue Walt was to take Hurley and walk himself into an ambush. (What was that about?)

What could have made Iorio want to endorse Gelber? I'm too cynical to believe Iorio is strictly doing this because she believes Gelber would be the best Attorney General.

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