Thursday, July 30, 2009

Police Benevolent Association Endorse Karl Nurse

The Police Benevolent Association has officially endorsed St. Petersburg City Council candidate Karl Nurse.

St. Petersburg, FL- The Karl Nurse Campaign announced today a highly sought after endorsement from the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) in the race for St. Pete City Council District 6.

St. Petersburg City Council Member Karl Nurse stated, “I am proud to be endorsed by our police officers through the PBA. I am also proud to announce my success in getting stimulus money for additional police officers that we have worked hard to obtain. It is a good day for crime fighters in St. Pete.”

Karl Nurse lists fighting crime and working for job creation in District 6 as one of his most important priorities. In the year and a half since his appointment to Council, Nurse has:

* Led the effort to successfully bring stimulus money to hire more police for the streets of St. Petersburg
* Worked everyday to fight festering gang activity in our neighborhoods
* Passed the ordinance to clear signs in convenience store windows, to add locks, and reduce shootings in convenience stores
* Fought for stimulus money to be used specifically to add one more additional CAPE team, which is a team of police that go door to door in District 6 to shut down drug houses
* Working to pass nuisance abatement laws to go after nuisance rental properties that house drug activity
* Working with NAACP and neighborhood groups to pass the ordinance to rename Preston Ave. to Paris Ave. in honor of the young girl slain by gang gunfire

Karl Nurse is known as a problem solver who can work effectively with a vast array of people. In addition to securing the endorsement of the PBA, Nurse is also supported by Mayor Rick Baker and Deputy Mayor Goliath Davis. In this climate of increased crime and budget reductions, Karl Nurse provides steady leadership on council to find the resources and proper management to make our city safer.

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