Thursday, July 09, 2009

Jeb Bush's Conspiracy Theory

Former Gov. Jeb Bush said Barack Obama would not have gotten elected if he told the American public about his secret plan. Jeb makes Obama sound like Dr. Evil.

Said Bush: "Barack Obama would not have gotten elected if he'd let us in on his secret plan prior to the election. He would not have gotten elected if he'd said, 'My idea is to create a $1.8 trillion deficit for the next fiscal year. My idea is to spend $750 billion over the next ten years on a government-sponsored, government-subsidized health-care policy. My idea is to create a massive cap-and-trade system [based on the idea] that CO2 is [a] pollutant and we need to tax it in a massive way to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.' Those ideas, which are now embedded in his budget, and the ideas in the stimulus package, weren't central in his campaign."

Jeb is suddenly a fiscal conservative now that his brother is out of the Oval Office. I don't recall Jeb running on making Florida's education system a national embarrassment. Jeb didn't make campaign promises about being Governor of the state with the lowest graduation rate. Bush flip flopped on his offshore drilling stance near the end of his second term.

Bush backed raising property taxes on a local level. Jeb wanted to increase the tax burden on local governments, so he could continue to portray himself as a tax cut Republican. This helped lead to the property tax revolt.

There have been numerous child abuse stories because of neglect from the Department of Child & Families. Jeb hired Jerry Regier to run DCF. Regier spent more time rewarding cronies than keeping children from being abused.

Jerry Regier has obviously got Polaroids of Gov. Jeb Bush in drag, or an equally kinky secret.

Nothing else could explain why Bush hasn’t fired this knucklehead from the Department of Children and Families, where Regier has served two damaging years as secretary.

Arguably the most important appointment of the governor’s tenure — choosing the person to lead Florida’s scandalized child-welfare agency — has proved to be one of the worst decisions Bush has ever made.

A scalding report by the governor’s chief inspector general has revealed that high-ranking DCF officials handed out fat and dubious contracts to pals and political cronies, and accepted gifts, favors and lodging from outside contractors.

Citizens were concerned Regier endorsed corporal punishment. Regier's credientials were being the former president of the ultra-conservative Family Research Council and lowering Oklahoma's Health & Human Services national ranking.

Oklahoma ranked 40th. Its secretary of Health & Human Services at the time was Jerry Regier, the man Bush tapped last week to head Florida's Department of Children & Families.

While Florida has worked its way up the state rankings of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, a national nonpartisan group that gathers statistics on child welfare, Oklahoma has declined.

Indeed, from 1997, when Regier was named Oklahoma's HHS secretary, until 1999, the most recent date for which information is available, Oklahoma's state ranking declined from 38th to 40th. At the beginning of the 1990s, Oklahoma was ranked as high as 37.

I challenge Jeb to run on this platform. He tries to bill himself as an educational Governor with no achievements. His fiscal conserative policies forced Charlie Crist to immediately handle a property tax crisis and budget concerns. Can anyone name a single Jeb accomplishment? That is what I thought.

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