Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't Go to A Gay Bar If You're Not Gay

An ex-girlfriend used to try to drag me to the old Tracks in Ybor City. I would always say no and tell her have fun being rejected by gay guys. I had no interest in going to gay bars and I used to get hit on by gay guys in Ybor City. If I wanted to have gay sex I would have gone to Tracks and not watching a punk rock band at the Ritz. Gay people: hitting on straight people you know are straight isn't cool. Get the hint the third time.

My ex-girlfriend used to tell me how pissed off she was trying to dance with guys and finding out they were gay. Translation: she tried to hook up with a guy and found out he was gay. I write about LGBT issues but have zero interest in the lifestyle. I belief is the civil rights injustices against gay people hurts all Americans. My personal interest in the gay night life is equal to my desire to hang out in country music clubs. Zero.

The girl in the video has a great point. If you go to a gay bar don't be surprised people act gay. I wasn't surprised that people at University of Tampa frat parties are assholes. Not that I cared. I was drinking their beer for free and never went to UT.

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