Monday, July 28, 2008


I have mentioned before that John McCain's recent about face on offshore drilling is because he needs the oil industry, in order to keep up with Barack Obama's funraising. the oil and gas industry contributed $1,039,768 to the McCain campaign. McCain's proposed holiday gas tax relief is another give away to the industry. The Maverick's explanation of how he would keep the gas and oil industry from pocketing the break is hysterical.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Not a single economist in the country said it’d work.

MCCAIN: Yes. And there’s no economist in the country that knows very well the low-income American who drives the furthest, in the oldest automobile, that sometimes can’t even afford to go to work.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But they all say that . . . the oil companies, the gas companies are going to absorb … any reduction.

MCCAIN: … they say that. But one, it didn’t happen before, and two, we wouldn’t let it happen. We wouldn’t let it — Americans wouldn’t let them absorb that.

STEPHANOPOULOS: How would you prevent that?

MCCAIN: We would make them shamed into it. We, of course, know how to — American public opinion. And we would penalize them, if necessary. But they wouldn’t. They would pass it on.

McCain isn't going to change the tax code. Although, you really couldn't stop oil companies from profiting from a tax break. Paying less taxes is the point of a tax break. McCain invented a new form of trickle down economics. We now have shame economics. Does McCain view the American people has a homeless person bumming for change? The Less Than Straight Talker comes off as seriously elitist.

McCain's shameless pandering to the oil industry knows no bounds.

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