Sunday, April 27, 2008

Howard Dean on Meet the Press

Howard Dean answers questions about the Florida and Michigan delegate situation on Meet the Press.

"You've got to keep order, and that's part of my job is to keep order," Dean said on Meet the Press. "It's understandable that the folks you call out because they think they're more important than everybody else are going to be upset about that. We did keep order, we do have an orderly process. I'll defend the process."

But Dean said he believes politics - not the voters - are to blame.

"The voters of Michigan and Florida were not the people that screwed this all up, it was politicians," Dean said, later adding, "I believe Michigan and Florida should be seated in some way because ...their voters did not cause this problem. This was caused by a political problem, not the voters' problem."

The problems with Florida and Michigan were political. Both states' Democratic party leaders moved up their primaries against repeated warnings from Dean and the Democratic National Committee. The problem with settling the delegate seating is Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have too much sway in the process. Candidates for the presidency can't be unbiased about how the delegates are seated.

The DNC's duty is too get Democrats elected. Not play election officials. Florida and Michigan party leaders placed a task on the DNC they weren't meant to handle. A few state party leaders moved up the primaries to curry favor with the candidates. The voters and party have suffered because of their aggorance.

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