Thursday, March 20, 2008

Iraq War Now Old Enough For Kindergarten

Celebrating 5 Long Years of the Iraquagmire. Hold on a second, let me google "Iraquagmire".....hmm hmm hmmmm Ah! Here it is

Here's a question that is never asked on TV, or on the front pages of newspapers. If the Authorization to Use Military Force was granted to Bush so that he could use it as leverage at the U.N. against Iraq to allow weapons inspectors back into Iraq, why did he invade Iraq after weapons inspectors were back in Iraq and actively looking for the "Weapons Of Mass Destruction"?

Why is there no mention of Hans Blix this week in the Mainstream Media?Here's a cartoon I did for The Daily Iowan in 2002 during the buildup to the war.



Yeah, I'm a day or so late for the BlogSwarm. It wouldn't be the first time I was a day late and a dollar short, but who's counting? Here's another cartoon from the Fall of 2002.



Too bad for the Tibetans! They're NOT sitting on a large pool of Texas Tea! No Freedom For You! Next!


Once upon a time L'il George decided to do an experiment. He placed a frog in a pan of cold water and put the pan on the stove. He wanted to see if the frog would jump out of the water as it got warmer, or would the frog not notice as it was boiled alive. L'il George turned on the stove and watched. After half a minute, L'il George removed the frog from the cold water, took the frog outside and placed a firecracker in the frog's mouth. L'il George lit the firecracker and tossed the frog, imagining it was a hand grenade.

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