Sunday, February 17, 2008 Continuing to lose all credibility whatsoever

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Hillary supporters should know that it would help their candidate's cause if they didn't spread outright lies about the election. And while the parade of attacks against Obama, stemming from their uncritical support for Hillary, are often hilarious because they are so one-sided, the lying needs to be corrected with facts.

One of the latest lies comes from Taylor Marsh's guest blogger, Paul Lukasiak, who claims that Hillary has more votes than Obama:
Based on exit polls, among the approximately 16.3 million people who identified themselves as Democrats, over 678,000 more voted for Hillary Clinton than Barack Obama. If we’re going to “let the people decide" who the Democratic nominee would be, shouldn’t we be basing that on the will of Democrats themselves?
Actually Paul, exit polls aren't actual votes, though I see you touch upon those, as well:
But, since this is actually the Democratic primary, perhaps we should look at how Democrats have actually voted. Based on the available exit polling data, we find that Hillary Clinton has a commanding lead over Barack Obama in the number of votes – As of February 16, 2008, 391,992 more Democrats voted for Clinton than Obama. [...]

But that number also doesn’t include Florida. Add in Florida’s Democrats, and Clinton’s lead advantage increases to 565,684. Nor does it include Michigan; and even if we assign all the Democrats who voted “uncommitted” to Obama, Clinton’s lead among Democratic voters grows to 678,276.
Actually, by my count, it does include Florida and Michigan -- and Obama's still in the lead. My count comes from Dave Leip's Political Atlas, which shows these vote totals:

Hillary: 9,665,101
Obama: 9,545,184

Many people will say, "Aha! Hillary's lead might not be as much as Paul said, but it's still there!" But this is the primary vote count, the caucuses are not included -- something Paul also forgot to include. Let's look at those numbers, shall we?

Obama: 344,402
Hillary: 162,982

Adding both primary and caucus totals together, here are the results:

Obama: 9,889.586
Hillary: 9.828,083

It's slim, but that's advantage Obama. One must also note, though, that the vote totals from Michigan are being counted and Obama wasn't even on the ballot in Michigan. The vote totals from Florida are included as well, but Michigan and Florida are two states that the Democrats didn't campaign in this year. Given that Hillary has more of a national presence than Obama, her familiarity with voters would garner her more votes. So if Michigan and Florida were contested states, it can be reasoned that Obama would have an even larger lead over Hillary right now.

Those are the facts. The exclusion of such by Taylor Marsh and her guest bloggers, in their unflinching support for Hillary, places their credibility into question. Supporting your candidate is one thing, but spreading lies about the other ones is reprehensible. People are sick of witnessing dirty politics -- which might explain why most of them have voted for Obama.

[Update] A comment I posted in the thread for Paul's post, linking to this post and not using any naughty words, never made it out of Marsh's comment moderation queue. Censorship is awesome! She left my trackback, though -- or maybe she hasn't noticed it yet? The fact that Marsh has complained about censorship of Hillary supports on other blogs just makes my censorship all the more ironic.

Wouldn't want any of those pesky facts to get in the way of your lies, eh Taylor?

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