Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Open Thread: How to Raise a Child to be a Feminist

A reader of Feministe posed the question, "How does a father teach his daughter about feminism?" Here is my answer:

There seem to be a trend with both young men and women in their mid-twenties to be overly-reliant on their parents. I was never close to my parents and couldn’t wait to leave home. So, it’s hard for me to relate to. Parents need to teach their son and daughters to be self-dependent. Young men and women are going to have a problems if they’re 29 years-old and their parents are still paying their bills. I met these people and their development is arrested. I wonder what happens when they make their own way and pay bills.

As far as feminism, I say have children volunteer for worthy causes and let them try different things. It let’s children have a better understanding of the world.

Let children get beyond worrying about failing activities. Explain that they never learn anything if they don’t try and encourage them.

Teach children the importance of tolerance. Explain to them that they don’t like it when other kids pick on them. They shouldn’t act the same way.

Most important thing: keep kids away from Ann Althouse’s blog.

There are several great comments in the Feministe thread worth checking out.

Readers, how do you raise your children to be respectful to the rights of women? Sadly, many parents do not raise their children to be tolerant and open-minded. The comment section is your's. Fire away.

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