Thursday, February 14, 2008

Plug: Independent Music Awards

Plug has opened voting for their independent music awards. I will hunt you down and make you listen to William Shatner if you vote for the annoying Of Montreal. I hate that band with a vengence. Any band that does a jingo for Outback Steakhouse is beyond lame. Someone should inform Of Montreal that Ziggy Stardust called and he wants his wardrobe back.

Kevin Barnes defense of doing commercials shows a bizarre use of homophobia language and writing skills not worthy of a 14 year-old Livejournal user.

There are so many confused young people running around now polluted by this alloyed version of the tenets of the punk rock manifesto. Of course they're confused. It isn't possible to be in chorus with capitalism and anarchy. You must pick one or the other. Very few people are willing to do it, though. The worst kind of person is the one who sucks the dick of the man during the daytime and then draws pictures of themselves slitting his throat at night. Jesus Christ, make up your mind!

I love the exclamation mark at the end. Apparently, the suicidal and fellatio imagery were too subtle to illustrate his point. Whatever that maybe. You can read Barnes entire post. I don't advise you to. It's painful reading.

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