Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama and McCain Wisconsin Primary

Barack Obama will speak shortly. McCain has already thanked his supporters.

"I will fight every moment of every day of this campaign to make sure Americans are not deceived by an eloquent and empty call for change," McCain said, alluding to Sen. Obama.

McCain continued his remarks on Obama, calling the Illinois senator's platform the "confused leadership of an inexperienced candidate" and "holiday from history."
"My friends I am not the youngest candidate, but I am the most experienced."
In a line we'll sure hear more of in the coming weeks: "I know how the world works."

Fox News exit poll show Obama beating Hillary Clinton in nearly every demographic.

Women: Obama 51%, Clinton 49%

Families with income under 50,000: Obama 51%, Clinton 49%

Independents: Obama 63%, Clinton 34%

Seniors: Clinton 60%, Obama 39%

Top quality — experience: Clinton 95%, Obama 5%

Union households: Clinton 50%, Obama 49%

Obama is breaking Hillary's hold on women voters. Hillary only won seniors. That isn't enough.

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