Friday, February 22, 2008

More Straight Talk

John "Campaign Finance Reform" McCain unsuccessfully attempted to get his campaign out of public financing.

The nation's top federal election official told Sen. John McCain yesterday that he cannot immediately withdraw from the presidential public financing system as he had requested, a decision that threatens to dramatically restrict his spending until the general election campaign begins in the fall.

Another problem is the the public financing program is cash-strapped. Payments have will come slowly. McCain is dead in the water until the general election.



At February 27, 2008 9:57 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

What happens if he gives the FEC the finger for the rest of the summer, blows the caps, refuses the money, and basically dares them to come after him?

At February 27, 2008 10:26 PM , Blogger Michael Hussey said...

Brian, if McCain does that then things will get real interesting.

At March 10, 2008 10:50 PM , Blogger Sine.Qua.Non said...

I can't stop damned perfect.


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