Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kathy Castor Endorses Barack Obama

Super delegate Kathy Castor has endorsed Barack Obama.

"Barack Obama is the right person at the right time to lead our great nation as President in the challenging days ahead. Americaneeds Barack Obama to unite and inspire us to improve our country’s economic stability, health care and national security. Everywhere I go people are energized by the Obama campaign because it embodies our hope for change. I ran for Congress in 2006 to fight for a new direction for our country. Senator Obama offers the most determined and coherent plan for a new direction and change and I am proud to endorse him for President of the United States"

"Obama now leads nationally in the number of pledged delegates, in the popular vote, and the number of states won. It is time for our party to coalesce around Barack Obama’s nomination for President.”

Obama is going to be the nominee. I question his understanding of economic policy, but I'm starting to get excited. Obama will be the first black man nominated for President and has the potential to deliver a huge victory in November. Obama has momentum and McCain has a base that hates him. It's like Clinton vs Dole with open Congressional seats in red districts. This is awesome.

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