Monday, February 11, 2008

John Stemberger Against Evolution

John Stemberger takes time out of opposing gay marriage to oppose evolution.

The Florida Family Policy Council, a religious conservative group headed by John Stemberger, says it will oppose new Florida public school science curriculum standards that it says advocate teaching evolution “as fact.”

The organization held a news conference including pastors, a public school parent and others in Orlando today.

Stemberger said evolution should be taught as “a theory with ... strengths and weakneses,” not as established scientific fact.

The Florida Family Policy Council is so insecure about their own religious beliefs that they fear that evolution will disprove Genesis. The members of the FFPC dispute evolution, but firmly believe that the first woman was created from the rib of Adam. It's scientific fact because it is in a book written by superstitious people. Stemberger is entitled to his views. That doesn't change the Bible not being science.

The FFPC is essentially Stemberger. The web site domain registry is owned by him. The actual numbers of Republican Christian activists are very fews. They are able to start one and woman organizations and generate media publicity. Public officials are scared of small Christian organizations that have few followers because they call themselves Jesus lovers.

Stemberger can make a difference by feeding the homeless or helping women victimized by domestic violence. He chooses to be a cultural warrior. It's more publicity and he can intimidate government into making people live by his narrow set of ideals.

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