Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Barack Obama Wisconsin Victory Speech

9:38 The crowd noise sounds like a rock concert. I can barely hear Barack Obama.

9:39 Obama is thanking his Winconsin campaign people.

9:40 Obama thanks his union supporters.

9:41 Obama asks Houston residents to attend the caucas. The crowd starts chanting.

9:42 "We just heard tonight that we won in Wisconsin." The crowd freaks out.

9:46 "Washington is the place where good ideas go to die."

9:47 "We're here because we believe change is possible."

Obama takes a shot against NAFTA and outsourcing. The crowd is eating it up.

9:48 Obama talks about how predatory lenders doubled to mortgage of a woman with two blind children.

9:49 Obama mentions a mother that gave him a braclet to remember her son killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq.

9:50 Obama hysterically mentions his kindergarden paper the Clinton campaign attempted to use against him.

9:51 "People are working harder for less."

9:52 "Despite the slogan, our children are being left behind."

"We can not wait."

9:53 "Change in America does not happen from the top down, but from the bottom up."

9:54 Obama talks about ending racial and political divisions to take on the special interests. Obama means lobbyists.

9:56 The crowd starts chanting, "Yes, we can."

9:57 This is one of Obama's best speeches. He knows he is in the driver's seat.

9:58 Obama talks about health insurance. I still like Edwards's plan better.

Obama's promises to deliver universal health care by the end of his first term.

10:00 Keep in mind, Obama is holding this rally in Texas. I haven't seen John McCain get this response in any red state.

10:01 Obama promises to raise minimum wage.

10:03 Obama pushes for early child education and higher pay for teachers. Obama wants higher standards, but not "teaching to the test."

10:06 Obama talks about immigration. He supports upholding laws and giving immigrants a chance to become Americans.

10:09 "No more homeless veterans. No more begging for benefits."

10:10 Obama proposes to end the Iraq war in 2009.

10:11 "I want to end the politics of fear."

10:12 Obama quote JFK on foreign policy.

10:12 Obama talks about Darfur and HIV in Africa.

10:15 Obama talks about bringing Republicans to his side. Good luck with that.

10:16 Obama says he looks forward to debating John McCain. It's interesting that CSPAN cut off Hillary's speech to cover Obama. Hillary is becoming an also-ran.

10:18 "Hope is not blind optimism."

10:19 Obama talks against the "scapegoating" of immigrants and gay people.

10:21 Obama says hope played a role in WWII, ending slavery, civil rights and the founding of America.

10:23: "Houston, this is our moment. This is our time."

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