Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Caucus

To continue the back and forth that goes on between Pushing Rope and Creative Loafing, I break down the importantance of the Iowa caucas. Wayne Garcia is suffering caucas and Florida Gators burn-out.

Seriously, several of these candiadates are fucked if they don’t finish in second place. Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel and Duncan Hunter are dead men walking. Alan Keyes isn’t on the ballot and we probably won’t see him again. (You should run his campaign, Wayne.) Obama and Edwards will end up as the first and second caucas choices. Huckabee and Romney for the Republicans. Iowan just don’t feel Fred Thompson’s sex appeal and straight male Washington pundits.

Thompson and Giuliani are good as gone. The former was banking on South Carolina and Florida and the latter Florida, then carry their (laugh) momentum into Super Tuesday. Their campaigns are train wrecks. Shaggate killed Giuliani and Thompson is the laziest and dumbest presidential candidate of my lifetime. Athur Branch refuses to campaign when a Tennessee game is on. (Side note: how about them Gators!)

McCain might pull off New Hampshire.Huckabee are Romeny wins changes New Hampshire. John Kerry was polling in fourth in New Hampshire and Iowa saved him. The Swift Boated One won NH.

Iowa does matter. Say it with feeling, Wayne.

Clinton, Obama and Edwards will be battling each other after Super Tuesday. Edwards money will get thin, but he is in better shape than the Republicans. Ron Paul can run to the very end. He had the best GOP fundraising quarter and runs a bare-bones campaign.

Side note: Biden and Kucinich are telling their caucas voters to go with Obama as their second choice.

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At January 03, 2008 7:02 PM , Blogger Vox Populi said...

On the really really HUGE things I always agree with you and you always agree with me. Thank you. Why isn't this on FPC???

Love, vox.

Happy New Year in case I forgot.

At January 04, 2008 5:05 PM , Blogger Wayne Garcia said...

Did anyone seriously think Kucinich, Hunter or Gravel had any chance in hell at a second place finish??

At January 06, 2008 3:22 PM , Blogger Michael Hussey said...

Only the delusional, Wayne.


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