Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pajamas Media Embarrasses Itself On Jamie Leigh Jones Story

An example of how stupid Pajamas Media is: Bob Owens implies that Jamie Leigh Jones took her journal offline. Owens muckraking implies that there are holes in Leigh's story because her journal doesn't match The Blotter' story verbatim.

The page on the Foundation that held Jones’ chronology of events—— - has been pulled down since Tuesday.

This happened after Pajamas Media asked Jones’ lawyer Todd Kelly about several claims made on that page Tuesday morning. It is yet unknown whether or not the questions asked about Ms. Jones claims had anything to do with the removal of this page from the Foundation’s web site, or its removal from the site’s navigation. Emails to Mr. Kelly and the site’s webmaster have not been returned. A reference copy of the chronology as it was originally published is provided by Pajamas Media here.

There is one little problem. Owens used the wrong web site address. The foundation and journal are still online.

Jones still has her web site online. I'm guessing that is because her attorney feels her story can withstand scrutiny. The same can't be said about Pajamas Media's muckraking.

These clowns will say anything.

Update: the Jawa Report continues the hilarity.

But there's more. Much more. The Jamie Leigh Foundation’s web site has now taken down Jamie's original story after PJM contacted them about the discrepancies.

These bloggers can't even find an easy to access web site. How would they know if there are "discrepancies."

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