Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mike Huckabee's Early Release of Wayne Dumond

Jill Filipovic followed-up on posts Murray Wass and I about Mike Huckabee's serious ethics problems. Jill touch on Huckabee withholding documents pertaining to the early release of convicted rapist Wayne Dumond. Huckabee pushed for the release of a man that sexually violated a distant relative of Bill Clinton.

Oh, and the reason that “tough on crime” conservatives were so gung-ho about getting Dumond released? Because the high school girl he raped was a distant cousin of Bill Clinton’s, and the daughter of a major Clinton donor.

Huckabee also lied about the information he had about Dumond. (Didn’t someone get impeached a while back for lying about something much, much less serious than rape and murder?).

He’s ignorant and foolish. He shows total disregard for women’s lives, but has quite a soft spot for rapists. He’s a liar. He has no moral or ethical compass, and tries to compensate by talking about God a lot.

The Huckster denied having anything to do with Dumond's release. This is coming from the same man that cast doubt on Dumond's guilt.

A subsequent Dunleavy column quoted Huckabee saying: "There is grave doubt to the circumstances of this reported crime."

Huckabee denies receiving letters from Dumond's victims warning him not to pardon the rapist. The Arkansas' parole board records indicate that Huckabee received the letters. Republicans usual attitude crime is throw away the key, regardless of the guilt. Huckabee, New York Post columnist Steve Dunleavy and Baptist minister/talk show host Jay Cole became obsessed with releasing Dumond. Can anyone remember another time when three conservatives were hellbent on early release when the victim was not related to Bill Clinton.

After his release, Dumond raped and murdered Carol Sue Shields. Sara Andrasek was Dumond's next victim. Andrasek and her husband found out they were expecting a child. I wonder if the pro-life Huckabee doubts if Dumond murdered Sara Andrasek? Huckabee was willing to give Dumond the benefit of the doubt in the past.

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