Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jamie Leigh Jones Update

Hillary Clinton calls for an investigation of Jamie Leigh Jones's raped by KBR employees.

"These claims must be taken seriously and the U.S. government must act immediately to investigate Ms. Jones's claims," Clinton said in the letter released Wednesday.

Here is the Clinton letter to Condoleezza Rice and Michael Mukasey.

The House Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing on the matter for December 19th.

Now Congress is going to get involved in this in the public forum and find out what’s going on? What’s happening to these employees," said Congressman Ted Poe. "Is their corporation involved in securing their safety or looking the other way?"

Now there is new four women have filed lawsuits against Kellogg, Brown & Root. These woman alleged they were raped or sexual harassed. A Houston attorney will file lawsuits six new lawsuits for women against KBR.

Jason Whitely did some muckraking a found a disturbing pattern of sexist behavior from KBR employees.

Searching through a federal database, we found a second federal lawsuit in Oklahoma, another in North Carolina, and a fourth in Florida, all from women who said they were either sexually harassed or raped while working as contractors for KBR in Iraq.

In a sworn affidavit in the Jones case, SSG Kevin Rodgers, a Texas National Guard Soldier said:

“During my tour in Basra I encountered many unprofessional acts by the employees of KBR and the U.S. State Department.”

Several others concur.

“During my time as an HR (Human Resources) supervisor, I was aware that a lot of sexual harassment went on - it was our major complaint,” admitted Letty Surman, a former KBR employee.

Finally, here is what Linda Lindsey, a former KBR employee said in her affidavit: “There was a lot of promotion based upon who was sleeping with the boss.”

This story is blowing up. KBR has much to answer for.

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