Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jamie Leigh Jones on Live with Dan Abrams

The House Judiciary Committee hearing "Enforcement of Federal Criminal Law to Protect Americans Working for U.S. Contractors in Iraq" will start tomorrow at 10:15 AM. Jamie Leigh Jones will testify.

In related news: former KBR employee Linda Lindsey says she experienced sexual harassment.

In a sworn affidavit for the Jones case, Lindsey said: “I saw rampant sexual harassment and discrimination.” […]

Her affidavit also said: “When anyone would report an incident of abuse or harassment, they would be threatened with a transfer to a more dangerous location.”

A few thoughts: so many women are coming out and telling their horror stories of at the hands of Kellogg Brown and Root. The more KBR denies there is a problem the deeper the hole they dig. This isn't a vast liberal conspiracy. There is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Jones's lawyer, Todd Kelly, told CNN that KBR has not released the evidence from the rape kit. My understanding is they are not sharing the evidence with Kelly. The plaintiff and defense are suppose to share evidence. Kelly will have to subpoena the contents of the rape kit, which may be useless by now.

Before this is all over, KBR is going to pay millions out to former female employees. By then, KBR will just want the controversy and legal problems to go away.

The question is why is the Bush administration hellbent on protecting contractors such as KBR and Blackwater. These contractors aren't proving that privatization works or helping the PR effort for the war. The White House is hurting themselves by enabling these contractors. Stupidity and blind callousness are the only logical reasons for the Bushies behavior.

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