Monday, December 17, 2007

Jamie Leigh Jones On 20/20 & CNN

Jones describes waking up after being gang raped.

"Then I don't remember anything at all after that. I woke up naked, I was bruised. And then when I sat on the toilet, that's when I realized my inner thighs were very bruised and I was bleeding pretty bad. And then I knew I had been raped."

The Justice Department told Jones's lawyer her case is closed because they dis not have jurisdiction.

CNN has a report and interview with Jones.

Tracy Barker tells Brian Ross she was locked up for three days for trying to call the KBR hotline. Barker endured constant sexual harassment. Her superior repeatly asjed her to have sex with him.

Barker accuses State Department official Ali Mokhtare of attempting to rape her in Iraq. The Justice Department refuses to investigate and Mokhtare is still employed with the State Separtment.

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