Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ion Sancho Warns of Problems With Voting Databases

Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho became a national hero for those whom supported reforms of voting machines. Sancho is a registered Republican that refused to use Diebold because deficiencies in the machine's memory card. Florida Sec. of State Sue Cobb threatened Sancho with legal action and created a rule requiring Election official to notify voting machine companies when their products are tested. Other state-approved voting venders refused to sell machines to Sancho.

To make matters worse, Diebold refused to sell new machines. Sancho couldn't get voting machines as Cobb was ordering to get machines. Cobb refused to listens to complaints that the Diebold machines could be hacked. Sancho believed Cobb and voting machine companies were punishing him.

Diebold donated $100,000 in soft money Republicans in 2000. Jeb Bush was extremely resistant to voting reform. Former Attorney General Charlie Crist subpoenaed voting vender was Sancho able to get new machines.

Sancho warns Florida is not ready for the Jan. 29th presidential primary.

In Leon County alone, there are 16,646 people whose address is listed in the state database in Duluth, Georgia. One of those is the mother of Janet Olin, the assistant supervisor of elections for Leon County, who lives in Tallahassee and, Sancho said: "has never set a foot in Duluth, Georgia.''

Since the federal Help America Vote Act required the state to take over the voter registration database in January 2006, the state has hired 22 data entry clerks to replace hundreds of people in Florida's 67 counties who were doing the same job, Sancho said. "The more errors you put in each element of your database, you are guaranteeing you're getting bad data out.''

Florida has serious administrative problems in handling voting data. 43,000 Florida voter registration forms were rejected since 2006. Many citizens were never notified that their registration forms were rejected.

Someone explain to me why moving the priomary up against the nation parties rules and instituting paper voting was a good idea?

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