Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Florida Primary News

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the presidential nominee will have the final say on if Florida will have delegates at the convention.

“The Democratic National Committee is the ruling authority now .. but the tradition is that the presidential candidate will decide,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi points out that the nominee is not going to want to make any state unhappy.

“I had to go to the states and say if you don’t come within the window, you won’t be seated, and they said, ‘Ha, ha, ha’ because there’s no presidential candidate who’s going to say, `We’re not seating New Hampshire’ and ‘We’re not seating Iowa.’ ”

In other news: Howard Dean was in Tallahassee for a fundraiser. Karen Thurman didn't show up. That is strange, considering she was the co-host. Alex Sink was another no show. Can't you feel the love?

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