Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Florida (Non)Primary Update

Tamara Lytle and John Kennedy of The Orlando Sentinel have written an informative summary of how the DNC and RNC are dealing with Florida moving up the primary. The current status is that Democratics and Republicans in the Florida legislature voted "virtually unanimously" for the Jan. 29th primary date. Florida Republicans will lose half their delegates. Democrats lose all. Governor Charlie Crist has reiterated he will not move the primary back.

Republican Party of Florida Charman Jim Greer maybe able to deliver all of Florida's delegates to the Republican National Convention.

State party Chairman Jim Greer said he has found a loophole. The Jan. 29 vote is binding, but the actual delegates won't be named until later. And if the RNC won't accept that, he said, the eventual nominee can use his influence to make sure all of Florida's delegates are seated.

The DNC is leaving the FDP lousy options if they don't move back their primary. What is likely to happen is either a delegate-selection convention or mail-in ballots. The other hope is the eventual nominee asks Dean to bury the hatchet with the FDP. With the way things have been going that is not a guarantee.

Charlie Crist hinted that he might lobby Democratic candidates to campaign in Florida. I believe when I see it.

Update: Tally likes the delegate-selection idea.

Update: Crist and Senate minority leader Steve Geller agree that there will be no shut down of the Senate or House. Jon Ausman, of the DNC, sent out an email urging Democrats to use parliamentary procedures to grind the Florida legislature to a halt. I'm glad they agree on that. The daily business of state government shouldn't be affected because of the primary mess. There are too many problems the legislature need to address. Ausman's idea doesn't help matters.

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