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Jon Ausman vs. Florida Democratic Party

Jon Ausman is a Florida representative of the Democratic National Committee. He has released an email that is critical of Florida Democrats aiding Republicans in moving the primary date up to Jan. 29th.


Dear Friend:

On 25 August 2007 three DNC Members from Florida - State Chair Karen
Thurman, former State Chair Terrie Brady and former two-term Vice-
Chair Jon Ausman - were given the opportunity to present the Florida
Democratic Party´s (FDP) delegate selection plan to the Democratic
National Committee (DNC) Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC).

Karen Thurman spoke about the efforts by Democratic legislators to
prevent the Republicans from moving the primary before the 5 February
cutoff date. Jon Ausman spoke of the difference between primaries
and caucuses. He noted that primaries have 6,700 voting locations,
caucuses only 50 to 150. That 24,000 active military who were
Democrats cast absentee ballots in 2004 along with 105,000 civilians.
They would not get an opportunity to vote in a caucus. Terrie Brady
spoke about the municipal elections scheduled for 29 January and that
the property tax referendum was on the same ballot.

National news coverage of Florida´s presentation was covered by C-
SPAN. Two national networks provided coverage. The hyperlinks for
this coverage are provided below.



The staff of the RBC distributed a document, a copy of which is
attached as a .pdf file, which undermined the argument that the
relevant elected officials made a good faith effort to stop the
presidential preference primary from being moved from March into
January in violation of the DNC Rules. This memorandum clearly
showed that:

1.Florida Democratic Legislators sponsored the
bill to move the primary to January 29th;
2.Florida House Democratic Legislators voted in
committee three times for the bill to move the primary to January 29;
3.All but one Florida House Democratic Legislator
vote on the floor to move the primary to January 29; and,
4.Florida House Democratic Leader Dan Gelber
stated, after receiving a call from DNC Chair asking for help in
opposing setting the primary date before February 5, "I don´t
represent Howard Dean."
5.Florida House Democratic Leader Dan Gelber
stated, after offering an amendment to move the primary to February
5th, that the only reason he offer it was "to show that there was an
attempt to state within the Democratic Party rules." The amendment
failed on a voice vote with no debate being offered.
6.Florida Senate Democratic Legislators voted in
committee to move the primary to January;
7.Florida Senate Democratic Leader Steve Geller
stated on the Senate floor that he was offering an amendment to move
the primary to February 5 only because he was threatened by DNC Chair
Howard Dean. Sen. Geller than mocked his own amendment which failed
on a voice vote without any debate.

After Florida´s presentation, RBC Member Ralph Dawson moved a motion
that did the following:

1.Found that the FDP Delegate Selection Plan was
in non-compliance;
2.Gave the FDP thirty (30) days to submit to the
RBC a Delegate Selection Plan that is in compliance; and,
3.If a plan meeting the timing requirement (the
first step of delegate selection occurs on 5 February or afterwards)
then Florida will be stripped of all unpledged and pledged delegates.

After debate and discussion, the RBC passed the motion by a vote of
23-1 (City Commissioner Allan Katz of Florida was the only dissenting

This gives the FDP two choices. It can:

1.Ignore the DNC RBC and hope that the Democratic
National Convention Credentials Committee will seat its delegates;
2.Submit a delegate selection plan which allows
Democrats to either caucus or meet in convention to select delegates
to the Democratic National Convention.

Earlier this year I supported a caucus plan to select delegates. The
State Executive Committee and Florida´s DNC Members voted to use the
primary on 29 January as the first determining step for delegate
selection. I argued strongly to support this position before the DNC

The Democratic National Committee has the right to set a window which
divides the four states - Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South
Carolina - which can select delegates before 5 February from all the
other state selection processes.

The Florida Legislature, with strong and active Democratic support,
moved the primary before 5 February to 29 January. This was not done
by Republicans over protesting Democratic legislators. The
Democratic legislators voted in five separate committees and in two
floor actions for the bill.

Some have attempted to state that Democrats only voted for the bill
because of the requirement to have voting machines with paper
ballots. That is not an accurate and true statement.

In fact, Democratic Legislators actively support the 29 January
primary in a number of votes before it was merged into the general
election bill. This was most unfortunate because by doing so the
FDP could no longer argue that we made a "good faith effort" to stop
the move by Republicans because in fact it was a bi-partisan move.

A caucus will allow us to have a full delegation. A caucus will mean
a Democratic voter in Florida has the same value as a Democratic
voter in Iowa or Nevada.

A caucus will allow us to collect tens of thousands of email
addresses, yardsign locations and cars to put bumperstickers on.

The DNC has made a generous offer to help offset the cost of the
caucuses by offering the FDP $880,000 to help pay for some of the
costs. The DNC has not offered a single other state any funds and in
the past has never offered any monies to any state.

When elected officials blatantly blame the DNC for enforcing its
rules and ignore the complicity of Florida Democratic elected
officials in creating this situation they are not serving the
Democrats of Florida well. They may get headlines, they may get
support, but they are being demagogues rather than leaders.

It is time for leadership. We represent the Democrats of Florida and
since our legislative Democratic elected officials have failed us, we
need to make sure that their votes, in caucuses, count.

We have 27 days to get the job done. Lets get to work together and
come up with a plan which will allow presidential candidates to
campaign in Florida and receive delegates.

Lets make sure the presidential candidates know they are going to get
delegates so they work to excite our Democratic voters. A caucus is
an opportunity to build a viable, active party for November 2008.

If you have any questions, please either write me or call me at (deleted by editor).

With respect, I am,

Jon M. Ausman, Member
Democratic National Committee

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At April 26, 2008 12:50 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Donna Ausman VS Jon Ausman

This man goes beyond being your average cheat. He is an emotional sadist for who duplicity in relationships is an ongoing thrill. I was the recipient of continual lies that spanned five years and included his producing a forged divorce decree. His lies led to my sustaining significant injuries (that are still having an impact on my mobility) when I had an accident while at a cabin resort with him, a place I would never have set eyes on had I not been led to believe that he and I were in a monagamus relationship. This compulsive liar even had the gall and audacity to cohabitate with me, and introduce me as his fiancee in the same town he and wife of 25 years live in. In addition he asked me to list him as the sole beneficary on a large life insurance policy. This request was based on the fact that we were to be married a month later. He didn't limit himself to me either, is my understanding that there were at least two others during the time he was involved with me. Steer clear of this cad, he has zero remorse about what he says or does and in all likelihood greatly enjoys the drama he creates for the women he decieves.

At May 01, 2008 9:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both Donna Ausman and Jon Ausman strongly object to this anonymous posting. We can be reached at ausman@embarqmail.com.

PushingRope should remove this posting posthaste.

At May 01, 2008 10:29 PM , Blogger Michael Hussey said...

This email is a major news story. I am not deleting it. Voters have a right to know.

At May 01, 2008 11:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on. "Anonymous" knew he was a married man when she was cheating with him. Tell her to quit her whining. She is what she is and she got what she got.

At May 31, 2008 1:03 PM , Blogger rosemary said...

I think Jon you are doing the work of the Lord with your petition.I know nothing of policticsI do believe we are living in the last days before the Lord returns.I saw you today for the first time.Keep fighting the good fight GOd is with you.I believe the Lord is calling forObama to Be the prsident.Im so tired of hearing about Obama's pastors what they said.I think it's terrible what Bill Clinton did withLewinski.Thank God he is not over looking this campaign

At May 31, 2008 1:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I beleive The Lord is working through your petiton.I believe the Lord is calling for Obama to be the presidentYour work concerning the campaign shall not go in vain.According to the bible woman is the waeker vessel.I don't believe Clinton should run for president.I think it's terrible what Clinton did withLewinski.He wasthe president.Where are the morals of a president

At May 31, 2008 4:01 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

I am very disappointed that the Democratic Leaders refuse to accept their responsibility in the debacle (Fla. Primary Date move)to save their political skins. The Comittee today allowed them to get away with putting the blame (and the wrath), or outright lie about their part in the date change, on a lie based on being forced to vote on a bundled bill by a "Republican led" legislation. No mention of voting 5 seperate times in Comittee, or any number of Karen Thurman's comments like "After months of careful deliberations, your Party's leaders have chosen overwhelmingly to reaffirm our strong commitment to fully participating in the state-run Democratic Presidential Primary on Jan. 29, 2008, despite the penalties from the DNC." Even such statements as "stay the course" from others are not mentioned.
The Florida Democrats deserve to know the truth, and people they trust & elect should be exposed for trying to shirk the responsibility even when the "unintended outcome" is unfavorable.
Is that what the Democratic Party will stand for, blaming someone else and lying about it in order to keep favor?
People tend to forgive mistakes made in the best interests at the time, but when it turns out flawed, lying about the responsibility is dispicable.
The Democrats desreve the truth.

At June 02, 2008 10:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jon, I don't know anything about politics.I watched the meeting Saturday& i was so moved by every thing you were saying.The Lord is doing amighty work through your life.It's not in vain&it's not going by unoticed by the Lord.I believe Obama is the one he is calling to be our president.

At June 03, 2008 2:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please cast your vote for Mrs. Clinton. She is our best hope against McCain. She has the experience and judgment Obama lacks. It is going to be more divisive for our party to give the nomination to Obama - a fine and extraordinary person, but not ready to lead. The people have picked her. Listen to the popular vote. I'm writing her in in November. No matter what she will have my vote.

At June 04, 2008 4:28 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jon Ausman is a crook. In 1990, I worked on a congressional campaign with him. At that time I had a cell phone (one of those big bag phones). He borrowed it and ran up about $200 in roaming charges. When I got the bill, my jaw dropped. I called Jon to see if he would pay for the charges. He acted as if he was not obligated to pay me. And, there I was stuck with the bill, fresh out of college, no job and living on disability because I'm paralysed and confined to a wheelchair. This man is not honorable or trustworthy. He's egomaniac that will get his due one day.


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