Monday, April 02, 2007

HB 7033: Only a Libertarian Could Love

I wrote previously about HB 7033. Florida is strapped for money to build new roads to meet growth demand. The problem is asphalt is made with petroleum. Fuel costs made road project costs have skyrocket. The Republicans in the House had the answer of having private contractors handle toll booths.

It is the intent of the Legislature to strengthen the state's transportation system by providing the department with innovative financing techniques, including, but not limited to, public-private partnerships, toll facility leases, and user fees. In response to increased congestion, population, and market demands...

Republicans in the legislature love this to help the pro-business lobby. I truly believe they are that jaded. The telecommunications service bill allowed phone companies to increase rates by up to 20 percent. That bill was wriiten by the lobbyists.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has a good editorial on why this bill is a bad idea. Money quote.

The bill also allows firms to hike tolls beyond inflationary limits as directed by bond documents and other covenants.

Republicans are never fiscally conservative when it comes to private contractors.

The only people who would think this is a good idea on merit are libertarians To understand what this you have to watch libertarian Megan McArdle argue to Jonathan Chait that raising the minimum wage will hurt poor people by shipping jobs to other copuntries. Then she argues that Democrats should support free trade. Such as outsourcing of jobs. McArdle tells Chait that the Democrats changing on these issues woulkd draw more libertarians. Chait correctly points out that Democrats won't win elections backing a libertarian platform.

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