Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bye Bye Sales Tax Pitch

That Marco Rubio victory is shortlived.

The most popular, a proposal to slash taxes an average of 19 percent for all property owners in the state and require deep cuts in government spending, won unanimous approval. The other plan, to ask voters to wipe out taxes on homestead property in exchange for a hike in sales taxes, was the preferred choice of House Speaker Marco Rubio but mustered only a party-line vote of 78-40.

Rubio's plan is likely dead in the Senate, where leaders say they have unanimous support for their bipartisan plan to scale back all property taxes 7.6 percent without raising sales taxes to do it.

The two chambers will begin to hash out the differences next week, after the Senate votes out its own plan Friday.

The sales tax would have increased inflation and hurt lower-income workers. This would not address the financial shortfall for building roads, schools and first responders. The Peer Review crowd backs the sales tax on cultural grounds. Not sound policy numbers. Since the writers there believe local governments are spending huge supluses they never had.

Peer Review believes in their political ideology like religion. Facts just get in the way of the gospel.

The political fallout, of the sales tax, would have been giving Rubio a huge political victory and sense of invincibility. Jeb was able to do so much damage because people were afraid to say no to him.

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