Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another Video Involving Abbate

Bartender Karolina Obryka was visiously beaten, on videotape, Chicago police officer Anthony Abbate. Here is a video of two alleged associates of Abbate attempting to bride Obryka.

The bartender's attorney Tery Ekl says the man whose name is Gary and the woman named Patty were attempting to bribe Karolina.

"At one point of time, Gary and Patty conveyed an offer to Karolina that if she agreed not to prosecute Abbate, that Abbatte would pay her medical bills and any out of pocket expenses she had," Ekl said.

No money is ever exchanged on tape nor can you hear the conversation between Karolina and the two people who were allegedly offering her a bribe on behalf of Abbate.

But, Ekl believes what you do see on tape only bolsters the on-going criminal case against Abbate.

"This is what Karolina and the bar owner have been telling us from the beginning that these things happened, and the fact that there happens to be corroboration for what they said doesn't surprise me at all," Ekl said.

Ekl intends to subpoena phone records to see if Gary and Patty were talking to Abbate while they were in the bar.

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