Monday, December 04, 2006

Worst Idea of the Day

This is too funny. Guess who the National Review is touting as John Bolton's replacement for U.N. ambassador.

How about Rick Santorum for the UN job? Yeah, there'd probably be a confirmation fight. And he may want to take a breather after 16 years in elected office. But it's worth thinking over.

The confirmation hearings would almost be worth it - just to see Santorum kick out the lavender suits one more time.

Sharp-Dressed Man

Santorum has too much baggage for confirmation.

Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.): The report says he encountered controversy over disclosures that Pennsylvania taxpayers paid for his children's schooling while they lived in Virginia. Santorum maintained he did nothing wrong, and has pulled his children out of the school, according to reports.

Santorum comes off as downright bizarre.

He recalls the meeting in which Karen's doctor raised the option of abortion. "We were in one of these little rooms, and it had one of those lights with a timer on it." As soon as the word "abortion" escaped the doctor's mouth, the light in the office went off. "It was eerie," he says, "really eerie."

Many Americans believe in a higher power. Believing that Sanmtorum had a supernatural experience intervene in his life is an entirely another matter. The man opens his mouth and constantly makes people uneasy. His "do a threesome" comment on the Imus Show is a classic example.

Most Americans don't get worked up over who the next U.N. ambassador will be. This is one of the reasons Bolton could not get an up or down vote in a Republican congress. What Bush needs is someone with serious diplomatic experience and respect from both parties. If Bush nominated Santorum, he would be handing the Democrats cannon fodder. Unfortunately, Bush listens to people that have a similar worldview as the National Review.


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