Monday, December 04, 2006

David Caton Keeping America Safe From Car Dealerships and the Post Office

A classic from the David Caton Hall of Shame. Spreading libel is a quick way to get smacked down by a judge.

One of the sponsors, a man who owned a Ford dealership, and Clear Channel sued Caton in February 2001. They won in a heartbeat. An Orange County judge issued a temporary injunction against him.

The judge declared that Caton's First Amendment rights were outweighed by those of the businessman and Clear Channel. He ruled that Caton's claims about pornography were false and defamatory; that the fliers put the lives and property of Caton's targets in danger; and that Clear Channel's business relationships were also damaged. He called Caton's actions extortion.

The judge could not have issued a more sweeping ruling. Caton's lawyers told him it meant he couldn't lobby any of Clear Channel's sponsors anyhow, anywhere, about anything. Caton appealed. He lost.

Caton is now targeting the United States Postal Service because they advertise on Sirius Radio. I couldn't make this up if I tried.


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