Thursday, September 21, 2006

More Stupid Anti-Drug PSA

I said before that anti-drug public service announcements don't work. They become the subject of ridicule years later. Thanks to Youtube the Pee Wee Herman crack cocaine PSA lives on.

As for the search message, I live in Suitcase City in Tampa, Florida. There are people who smoke crack, but not because they want to be cool. It's smoked because people like the high or they're lives are fucked up. Drugs are desirable and an escape from reality. The problem with these messages is they don't address why people do drugs.

Which do you think would convince a 16 year-old caught with weed to stop? Pee Wee Herman or a half hour with a crack whore? The adult porn site Crack Whore Confessions is a sick example crack does to you. These women don't smoke it to be cool.

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