Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Fair Housing Act Still Applies (Except in Boca Raton)

The Justice Department is enforcing the Fair Housing Act on Boca Raton. The DoJ is following on a complaint filed in Miami. The ordinance states "conditions and prohibitions on housing for persons with disabilities that are not imposed on housing for an equal or greater number of persons without disabilities." According to, the DoJ alleges the ordinance is aimed at alcohol and drug addicts. I'm wondering if the ordinance could effect mentally diabled people (that society would call crazy.) This appears designed to keep property values up and the least fortunate out.

"The city has never discriminated against anyone," Boca Raton Mayor Steven Abrams. Then why make the law.

The Fair Housing Act states the legality of a "refusal to make reasonable accommodations in rules, policies, practices, or services, when such accommodations may be necessary to afford such person equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling." That's pretty clear.

The Justice Department seeks monetary damages and an end to the ordinance. I hope Boca Raton loses in court.


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