Thursday, May 11, 2006

:: The President's Tax Scheme is Like a Lender's Dream ::

Ever see those ads for buying your own McMansion at rates that are unbelievable?

Well, that's because they are unbelievable. You too can own a $250,000 home for $695 a month. The kicker? You only pay the interest, not the principal of the loan. So, you never "OWN" anything. You have NO share in the mortgage. What do you do when the mortgage comes due? Baby, you are BANKRUPT and the banks are stuck with your loan. And, they own YOU.

Kinda like Bush's tax schemes. Don't pay now....PAY A HELL OF A LOT LATER. Oh, yeah, and make sure people making the national average income [about $36,000] and less PAY for everyone else. Now, that is certainly a reversal of Robinhood. You know, ... ah, what the hell's the point....

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