Monday, May 08, 2006

Political Events

Bush is heading to Florida this week for staged, friendly events where he can tout his Medicare plan among other things. The Florida Democrats will be holding a couple of events of their own tomorrow (Tuesday, May 9) to provide a bit of reality to Bush's hype.

The first event will be at 11 am in Orlando.

Congresswoman Corrine Brown and Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman will speak about the botched Medicare Part D program’s looming May 15 penalty deadline. The event will coincide with Bush’s visit to Florida to tout his failed Medicare policies.

This event will be at the C & C Community Pharmacy, 2000 Bruton Blvd, Orlando

If you have any questions call the FL Democratic Party HQ @ 850-222-3411

The second event will be in Fort Lauderdale at 2 pm.

State Senator Ron Klein, the Democratic Candidate in Florida's 22nd Congressional District, will speak on the high cost of the Bush/Shaw Energy Policy. The event will coincide with Bush's visit to Fort Lauderdale for Republican Congressman E. Clay Shaw.

This event will be at 17th Street Bridge, 2150 SE 17 St, Fort Lauderdale. The event is on the waterfront, directly east of the parking lot underneath the bridge.
* Parking will be to the North of Marriot Drive under the bridge. The lot is metered city parking.

If you have any questions contact Ron Klein for Congress HQ @ 561-995-9626


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