Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Let's see the documents to verify their authenticity

Why is it that the rabid attack dogs on the right will question the authenticity of documents that they disagree with, yet when our military claims that they have documents which agree with them, they strut around with the propaganda instead of seeking to verify its authenticity?

Didn't we hear how Dan Rather was irresponsible for receiving faxed copies of the Bush memo he based his story off of, instead of examing the original documents?

So guys, what's the problem with applying your Rather-like standards to memos that you agree with? Hell, you guys don't even have a tangible memo to work off of right now since Centcom decided to type the Arabic portion instead of scanning the document and uploading the images. Doesn't that seem a bit fishy to you? Shouldn't the government be held to a higher standard for proof?


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