Monday, March 20, 2006

No Sunshine 2

The Florida government has no interest in honoring the Sunshine Laws.

Overall, 42 percent of the 220 local agencies audited last month violated the state's public records laws. The rate mirrored the results of the first statewide audit in 2004, when 43 percent of agencies failed to comply.

The state has a webpage where citizens can make record requests. The problem is Governor Jeb Bush has violated the law. Florida Campaign News reported that Bush failed to provide eight documents to Florida Democrats.

"He has been one of the most unresponsive public officials I have ever encountered," said Democratic Chairman Bob Poe. "We're looking for the truth. And if he doesn't have anything to hide, then he shouldn't be afraid to turn it over."

Bush refused to hand CNN the famous felons list from the 2000 election. Bush has illegally kept journalists out of meetings on education, telecommunications and once attempted to have Tampa Tribune reporter Michelle Bearden thrown out by his security.

That's not as bad as trying to get a complaint form from police officers in Miami-Dade County. Watch the video on this CBS 4 report.

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