Monday, March 20, 2006

Ethics Complaint on Addie Greene

Remember when Tampa wanted to lure the Scripps Research Institute to Hillsborough County? It appears the deal might be voided in because of a possible bride. Russell Yeager has filed an ethics complaint against Palm Beach County Commissioner Addie Greene. The Miami Herald contacted Greene. The Commissioner said, "Tell him to get in line. I have more important things to talk about." Obviously, the Herald didn't catch Greene in the best of moods.

George de Guardiola amassed $5 million pork pledges for Greene's education and business initiatives. Greene then voted to move the location of Scripps to Abacoa. She was the swing vote. Guardiola has a development project in the area. The case will go to the Florida Commission on Ethics.

Yeager's complaint calls for voiding the Scripps deal. That would make a lot of people in Palm Beach County unhappy.

The set location is Florida Atlantic University. The Bradenton Herald reports that a federal judge has halted the FAU location. The judge ordered a environmental impact analysis.

I'm curious about Yeager's angle in all this.


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